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Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery include upper eye lift surgery following fix drooping eyelids look, eyelid surgeries underwear amended, Skiot' under the eyes and eyelid surgeries combined. Technical jargon these are called surgical "Blfroflsti".

The eyes and eyelids are the first point of encounter between human beings and in fact are the first focus of mutual respect, and hence people attach importance to maintaining a natural appearance and fresh eyes.

Over the years tends to gradually change the face frame and with the eye area and eyelids, upper eyelids and lower eyelids tend to 'fall' as a result of weakening of the skin or weak muscles and stretching the eyelid as a result, the eyes get tired and older appearance.

These factors of excess skin at the upper eyelid drooping eyelids and puffy lower eyelid aesthetic and a problem, however there are situations in which the upper eyelid laxity to severe visual field damage.

Oculoplastics is an area that deals with plastics of the eye area and eyelids, and is part of the most important and essential in Ophthalmology. Eye area and eyelids are complex and treatment of diseases in this area requires special knowledge and expertise in plastic surgery of the eye. Eyelid surgery allows correction of problems caused by age, by the upper eyelids eyelid lift surgery and eyelid surgery lower by lower lids.

When considering eyelid surgery it is important to understand that there are different diseases in their eyelid surgical solutions tailored to them. Consultation with an ophthalmologist specializing in the field Aokoloflstikai and know how to diagnose the causes of the problem and adjust lids have the required procedure is the first step toward analysis.

Determining a consultation Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery can be classified, Blfroflsti, three main levels:

• Blfroflsti top – ptosis repair surgery, eyelid drooping appearance, carried out the upper eyelids and eyelid lift surgery institutes or upper eyelid lift.
• Lower Blfroflsti – surgeries to repair shows swollen eyelids and remove 'Skiot' under the eyes are made the lower eyelids and eyelid surgery called underwear.
• Blfroflsti four eyelids – Eyelid surgery performed on four integrated eyelids, eyelid lift surgery by removal of excess upper eyelid skin combined with surgery to remove the 'Skiot' lower eyelids.

Eye lift – Blfroflsti top

Formation of excess skin the riders' on the upper eyelids, onerous, visual field restriction factors and looking tired and older constituting aesthetic problem. Collapse of the upper eyelid skin is caused by the listlessness of the eyelid tissue sometimes accompanied by eye key adipose tissue accumulation. This condition of the eyelids is called Drmtoclzis.
The proposed solution to the problem surgical eyelid lift surgery jargon called Upper Blfroflsti analysis. Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic effect with which the surgeon removes the excess skin and fat accumulated on the upper eyelid to replay them and forward a fresh natural.

Eyelid surgery underwear – Blfroflsti Lower

Similar to what happens in the upper eyelids, lower eyelids is also weakening tissue, swollen eyelids and appear 'Skiot' under the eyes. As a weakening of the tissues and muscles, especially the weak sigmoid tissue in the fat pockets may eye socket 'wander' displaced to the front of the eye which creates the appearance of bags under the eyes. Reverse situation is also possible that instead of straight out, these fat pockets will sink in and make a hollow at the lower eyelids.

The proposed solution to the problem surgically, eyelid surgery medical name underwear or lower Blfroflsti analysis. This analysis aims to reconstruct the soft tissues of the lower eyelids while re-design at some of the accumulated fat by treatment. Remove some excess fat will do as prudent as needed based on experience and judgment of the surgeon is not responsible for removal of orbital fat will lead to the appearance of lack and sunken eyes.

Blfroflsti four eyelids

Because eyelid skin is the first "age" Many people undergo surgery Blfroflsti before or instead of a full facial reconstruction. There are cases where excess upper eyelid skin and lower eyelid Skiot' integrated analysis will be performed.

Upper eyelid lift surgery with surgery Blfroflsti top underwear Blfroflsti lower eyelid. Such integration between the two analyzes are widely accepted and is in many cases. There are cases where upper eyelid lift surgery combined with analysis of rolling.

Side Eyelid surgery Eyelid surgery if there are more:

• Surgery to correct drooping of an eyelid – ptosis
• Analysis of entropion / Akrofion / Aktrofion
• browlift surgery
• Eyelid surgery combined with browlift


Ophthalmology ptosis term usually refers to upper eyelid prolapse and appears in adults, acquired ptosis, or children – congenital ptosis. In adults, upper eyelid ptosis is caused mainly due to listlessness muscle Hlbtor (Lavator) responsible for the opening of the eyelid. Drooping of the eyelid causing the pupil to cover parts of varying degrees and is a nuisance to the injury to cosmetic field of vision and visual quality.

Congenital ptosis is caused mostly due to lack of muscle development Hlbtor responsible for lifting of the eyelid, resulting in various problems can occur in children.

Surgical solution to the problem, eyelid surgery aimed at lifting the eyelid muscle is done by reducing the extent required Hlbtor eyelid function effectively and providing contour and maximal cosmetic result.

Entropion / Akrofion

Entropion / Akrofion is a medical term describing a situation in ophthalmology at the edge of upper or lower eyelid and eyelashes turned inward / outward eye. Growth of eyelashes in the opposite direction caused listlessness of the skin and tissues around the eyes due to the aging or trauma causes friction and abrasion with the cornea, resulting in corneal scraping and itchy and painful eye.
Lack of appropriate treatment entropion / Akrofion cause inflammation, infection, excessive tears, discharge and irritation of the eye to the point of vision and to decrease the danger to vision loss.

Solution disease entropion / Akrofion surgical, surgery is aimed at returning the natural physiological shape eyelid while receiving maximal cosmetic result. Entropion / Akrofion occurs commonly in the elderly population the lower eyelid. Appearance of disease entropion / Akrofion various factors when their sons is a common weakness and muscle tissue is responsible for downloading Hartrktor lower eyelid. However entropion / Akrofion also caused as a result from overuse of muscle Haorbicolris, this is the muscle responsible for closing the eyelids.

Raised eyebrows

Location eyebrows affects the facial expressions and how they judged the mood and personality of the person by others. Parallel Ptosis that occurs with age, we can see change of the upper face area expressed fall of the eyebrows and forehead.
Location eyebrow down as a result of gravity and weakening of muscles around the eyes and forehead muscles responsible for lifting the eyebrows. Eyebrows, Lohtzot' the eye downward and thus affect the amount of excess upper eyelid skin and eye area appearance. Drooping eyebrows can cause severe visual field damage.

Usually surgical solution to the problem, the proposed analysis often raised eyebrow cosmetic correction.
Eyelid surgery combined with browliftIn most cases in people suffering from the fall backs accompanied by the problem excess upper eyelid skin caused listlessness of the eyelid tissue to key eye (Drmtoclzis). Which cases eyelid lift surgery, upper Blfroflsti analysis, can be enough to solve health problem but a combination surgery with cosmetic surgery will give a raised eyebrow look fresher.

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