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Fractures eye socket

Socket is a socket in the skull which is located in the eye. The eye muscle is connected through the chimney walls and they are responsible for eye and eyelid movements. The orbit consists of the sides and contains muscles, nerves and blood vessels wrapped in fat.

Infections eye socket, thyroid disease (Tireuid), trauma fractures in the chimney, as well as tumors in the eye socket are part of orbital diseases that constitute a threat to the very vision. Eye socket fractures are more common and appear in the floor of the inner wall chimney and more rarely there may be breaks in the outer wall, inner wall thicker, and the chimney above the roof in the brain.

Trauma to the eye area also involves orbital wall fractures other injuries such as damage to the eye muscles, optic nerve, nerve gives sensation Haynfraurbitali front face area cheeks, upper lip and front teeth. Also possible to eyeball movement unnatural or sunken eyeball status, limited eye movements as a result of a crisis / s and sometimes there are also fractures in the upper jaw and tear duct obstruction as a result of a complex crisis in the name of Le Fort.

Treatment of the eye socket fracturesIn most cases with the presence of the eye socket fracture repair is not consumed. But there are cases in which trauma, according to findings of the eye, chimney, face and brain and also from a general assessment if any findings and injuries in other areas, required surgical intervention urgency is determined by decision of the surgeon depending on the test results. Usually be interference surgical cases where the eye came in, or created within the detention of muscle rupture, or hemorrhage pressing on the optic nerve.

Situations of fractures in the floor of the chimney or the inner wall of the chimney flue is possible contents of a prominent and groundbreaking pieces into the sinuses. In such cases, in order to get a picture and clinical assessment of severity of the situation, the patient will chimneys and CT scan head. Simulation show the location of the eye socket fractures, bleeding and condition muscles and optic nerve.

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In situations where damage to the eyeballs and intraocular surgery need to not put pressure on the eyeball can surgery be delayed. Compared to cases of massive bleeding behind the eyeball, causing high pressure of the optic nerve, pressure on the optic nerve causes a sharp decline in vision to the risk of blindness. In these cases it is necessary to drain the bleeding socket urgently in order to relieve the pressure.

There are situations of direct optic nerve injury by a sharp object or by fracture and irreversible damage. Fractures involving tear duct injury DCR surgery or will be incorporated into a tube graft, but usually occur later analysis.

If there is no need for surgery is important to avoid putting pressure in the airways and strain, acts as a dessert though, can cause compression of air within the orbit resulting in sudden onset of swelling hard in the eye up to its closure and rarely causing loss of vision. When there is no need for surgery it is customary to give antibiotic treatment for two weeks.

Repair of eye socket Repair of eye socket surgically under general anesthesia will be. Orbital wall reconstruction will be done by materials undergoing integration with the body as the use of titanium plates or other special synthetic materials to make stable fixation of the bones of the chimney. Dr. Briscoe practice to use a material called Mdfor (Medpor) has a structure similar to bone absorbed by a body and becomes part it within six months.

Incision surgery to repair broken eye socket There are several approaches, making the decision on the location of the fault / fracture. Common approach is to cut behind the lower lid conjunctiva, but there are cases of cut under the lashes of the lower eyelid or upper eyelid crease. Floor fracture repair of the chimney and the inner wall Hmideli conjunctiva can be cut (internal) or the lower eyelid skin (external).

Dr. Briscoe usually approach to treat fractured eye socket through small incisions, one or more, to avoid cutting the large and postoperative scar marks. Through openings which can be transferred to the implants made of flexible material. Several hours after the surgery can go home, but it should be noted there are cases it is better to remain hospitalized for observation for 24 hours.

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