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Tumors in the eye socket

Orbital Tumors-Socket is part of the skull which is located in the eye. The eye is connected through the chimney walls and muscles responsible for eye and eyelid movements. The orbit consists of the sides and contains muscles, nerves and blood vessels wrapped in fat.

Infections eye socket, thyroid disease (Tireuid), trauma fractures in the chimney, as well as tumors in the eye socket are part of orbital diseases that constitute a threat to the very vision. Most benign tumors eye socket but there are of course even these malignant tumors are life-threatening. Signs inventions come eye socket tumors express ballet Lady Eye (Proptosis), strabismus, pain, decreased vision and vision loss. Tumors in the eye socket can be detected after a CT scan Or an MRI done for other purposes. Origin of tumors can be eye socket as a primary source in the chimney or secondary tumor, metastasis of tumor from another body, eg breast, uterus and lung metastasize socket.

Types of tumors in the eye socketThere are different types of tumors in the eye socket malignant or benign. Tumors can occur as a result of unnatural growth of blood vessels, inflammatory or tissue tumors, assessment of tumor type we can get only after imaging and testing.

The most common tumor benign eye socket and consists of blood vessels called Covernous Hemangioma. Common malignant tumor in the chimney is Lymphoma – Lymphoma can occur apart from the eye socket, the conjunctiva, the eyeball and eyelids. There are several types of lymphoma, while those in the eye socket easier to treat and cure them with a high success rate.

Tumor type diagnosis is made by the eye socket biopsy is usually performed in local anesthesia. After the biopsy is important to undergo a series of tests by a doctor Himtoaonkolog (physician specializing in blood cancers), including taking sample tests marrow – bone, CT, PET And sometimes genetic testing. These tumors are aggressive and the handling is determined by your doctor according to the findings of the tests Hhimtoaonkolog.

Usually if the tumor is only the eye socket conventional treatment will be done by radiation, sometimes make treatment by chemotherapy and sometimes you need a combination of both. There is a treatment using antibodies that attack the tumor but the use of this therapy depends on the pathology findings after special hypocrisy.

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Check C.T. Or MRI allow to get information about the tumor shows the eye socket, size, texture, location and dispersion. Addition should be complete eye examination, visual field testing, color vision test and light intensity, measured eye level ballet routine. After clinical examination and imaging will be evaluated what type of tumor and decided to biopsy or complete tumor resection.

When the tumor margins defined eye socket desire to the tumor in cases of scattering will be taken for biopsy.Surgery to remove tumors in the eye socket can be performed under general or local anesthesia according to patient condition and surgeon considerations.

After surgery the tissue was sent for pathological and follow up if needed determined by test results. In most cases, after surgery to remove tumors in the eye socket is released the patient home from a day or two but there are cases that require a longer hospitalization. After surgery the patient should be monitored at least once a year.

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