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Surgical methods of Tears

Ways of Tears

Eye health is maintained largely by the eye produces tears. Eye glands that secrete tears system regularly, these are scattered by movements of the eyelids blink of the eye in a uniform manner. Action keeps the cornea dehydrated, prevents infections, clears the eye from debris and allows sharp vision.

Teary eyes is a common phenomenon that creates a familiar and much discomfort for sufferers. Increased tear production process involuntarily without the possibility to control the tears flow rate. Excessive tearing often accompanied by pus, burning sensation and hot acid in the eye. Problem can be solved by medication or even worse to the point of the abscess and severe pain in the eye.

System consists of three parts tears when all the problem of blocked tear drainage system can involve one or more parts of the system and the treatment will be determined depending on the cause.

Partial tear drainage system:

• The entrance is located at the tear duct upper and lower eyelid, called punctum,
• Pipeline Hknlicolus connecting punctum the tears drain through tears bag
• duct located near the corner of eye bridge of the nose, it absorbed the tears into the nasal mucosa.

Blocking solution for tears tract surgically be determined according to the location of the blockage. If the punctum opening analysis will Fonktoflsti analysis, and when the problem will Hknlicolus tube tube recovery operation. Blocking bag tears is the most common problem in people with excessive tearing, type of surgery proposed analysis DCR (DacryoCystoRhinostomy) open canal tears. all the procedures specified in their goal to restore proper function of the tear drainage system for maintaining eye health.

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Tract blockage causes tears

Examination of the structure of the eyelids appears four small openings located at the upper and lower lid, opening is called a punctum (Punctum) to drain the tears that are in the eye. Punctum the tears flow through a thin tube called Knlicols ((Canaliculus to the duct in the nose. Htztlkot one point the system can be mentioned as a result of an injury, the aging process or recurrent infection and cause non-normal function of the tear duct system.

Highest incidence clogging drainage system is blocked roads bag tears tears. The solution in this case is called DCR bypass surgery (DacryoCystoRhinostomy).

If stuck pipe recovery analysis Hknlicols do during implantable tube with silicone tube. Around the tube during the several months that preserves healthy tissue growing on the fairway until it heals then you can take out the tube. In cases where the tube reconstruction cannot transplant surgery should be performed Laster Jones glass tube bypasses the Hknlicols Tube and tears drains directly into the nose.

In cases where the blockage punctum, tear duct entrance, the entrance tapered and allows passage to drain the tears. Surgery may be necessary Fonktoflasti developed the tube regularly and sometimes reduces the tissue edema around the developing wake of the drainage flow. Location block for diagnosis is made by washing the tear duct.

There are other eye diseases that affect the functioning indirectly tear duct drainage system and cause excessive tearing. In these cases of Aktrofion (eyelid edge facing outward) or entropion (eyelid edge facing inward) which result from the listlessness of the eyelid or eyelid other factors not 'sit' correctly, ducts also is not located correctly and can not drain the tears. Solving the problem of entropion / Aktrofion by analyzing return the tear duct of his element and solve the problem of tears.

Compared to the need for surgery as a result people have severe inflammation or irritation as Blepharitis after suffering a tear of over-reaction and therefore the solution to the problem will work with the cause irritation and tear drainage surgery.

Dry eye also can often lead to a state of watery eyes. Eyelid glands that produce the tears are not functioning properly resulting in tears channel quickly evaporates and leaves the cornea felt exposed. To protect the eye tear glands produce excess amounts of tears. In this case creating eye drops artificial tears can be a solution to improve the situation.

Excess tears in some people caused by edema or troubles of the entire drainage system or as a result of allergies, a phenomenon that appears in part in people treated with chemotherapy. Taxotere chemotherapy patients a weekly dose of this phenomenon may have often (patients at a lower dose, every three weeks, almost no tear duct problem). Cases which can be resolved by the tear duct tube transplant Prophylactic surgery done by Dr. Briscoe under local anesthesia.

Tear treatment in each case will be determined according to the problem. Analysis entropion / Aktrofion if necessary, medication, or surgery for a blocked tear. There are cases that combine number of the organizations listed here require a combined procedure.

How to take care of shutting blocked tear?

The rest will match lacrimation solution causing the problem. Usually in a situation of blockage in the tear duct surgery for a blockage will aim to allow proper drainage of tears and stop tearing others in cases of lax eyelid entropion surgery will be performed / Aktrofion.

MASSIVE analysis can be performed by means of tears under local anesthesia when anesthesia can be added to intravenous patient in order to bring maximum comfort. Most patients indicate that they do not even remember the surgery or surgery felt a small part of the whole. General anesthesia will be made only in special cases those of the surgeon.

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